Path: rexml/rexml.rb
Created: Mon Jun 10 15:09:07 PDT 2002
Modified: Mon Jun 10 15:09:07 PDT 2002

REXML is an XML parser for Ruby, in Ruby.

URL: Author: Sean Russell <> Version: 2.3.5 Date: *2002-159

Short Description: Why did I write REXML? At the time of this writing, there were already two XML parsers for Ruby. The first is a Ruby binding to a native XML parser. This is a fast parser, using proven technology. However, it isn't very portable. The second is a native Ruby implementation, but I didn't like its API very much. I wrote REXML for myself, so that I'd have an XML parser that had an intuitive API.

API documentation can be downloaded from the REXML home page, or can be accessed online at A tutorial is available in docs/tutorial.html

Classes and Modules
Module REXML
  ::Module REXML::DTD
  ::  ::Class REXML::DTD::AttlistDecl
  ::  ::Class REXML::DTD::ElementDecl
  ::  ::Class REXML::DTD::EntityDecl
  ::  ::Class REXML::DTD::NotationDecl
  ::  ::Class REXML::DTD::Parser
  ::Module REXML::EntityConst
  ::Module REXML::Functions
  ::Module REXML::Namespace
  ::Module REXML::Node
  ::Module REXML::SAX2Listener
  ::Module REXML::StreamListener
  ::Module REXML::XMLTokens
  ::Class REXML::AttlistDecl
  ::Class REXML::Attribute
  ::Class REXML::Attributes
  ::Class REXML::CData
  ::Class REXML::Child
  ::Class REXML::Comment
  ::Class REXML::Declaration
  ::Class REXML::DocType
  ::Class REXML::Document
  ::Class REXML::Element
  ::Class REXML::ElementDecl
  ::Class REXML::Elements
  ::Class REXML::Entity
  ::Class REXML::IOSource
  ::Class REXML::Instruction
  ::Class REXML::NotationDecl
  ::Class REXML::Output
  ::Class REXML::Parent
  ::Class REXML::ParseException
  ::Class REXML::PullEvent
  ::Class REXML::PullParser
  ::Class REXML::QuickPath
  ::Class REXML::SAX2Parser
  ::Class REXML::SAXHelper
  ::Class REXML::Source
  ::Class REXML::SourceFactory
  ::Class REXML::Text
  ::Class REXML::XMLDecl
  ::Class REXML::XPath
  ::Class REXML::XPathParser