Class REXML::XPathParser
In: temp/xpath_parser.rb
Parent: Object

You don‘t want to use this class. Really. Use XPath, which is a wrapper for this class. Believe me. You don‘t want to poke around in here. There is strange, dark magic at work in this code. Beware. Go back! Go back while you still can!


[]=   first   get_first   match   namespaces=   new   parse   predicate   variables=  

Included Modules



LITERAL = /^'([^']*)'|^"([^"]*)"/u
ALL = [ :attribute, :element, :text, :processing_instruction, :comment ]   Expr takes a stack of path elements and a set of nodes (either a Parent or an Array and returns an Array of matching nodes
ELEMENTS = [ :element ]

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

Performs a depth-first (document order) XPath search, and returns the first match. This is the fastest, lightest way to return a single result.

FIXME: This method is incomplete!