Class REXML::Entity
In: temp/entity.rb
Parent: Child

God, I hate DTDs. I really do. Why this idiot standard still plagues us is beyond me.


matches?   new   normalized   to_s   unnormalized   value   write  

Included Modules



PUBIDCHAR = "\x20\x0D\x0Aa-zA-Z0-9\\-()+,./:=?;!*@$_%#"
SYSTEMLITERAL = %Q{((?:"[^"]*")|(?:'[^']*'))}
ENTITYVALUE = %Q{((?:"(?:[^%&"]|#{PEREFERENCE}|#{REFERENCE})*")|(?:'([^%&']|#{PEREFERENCE}|#{REFERENCE})*'))}
PEDECL = "<!ENTITY\\s+(%)\\s+#{NAME}\\s+#{PEDEF}\\s*>"
GEDECL = "<!ENTITY\\s+#{NAME}\\s+#{ENTITYDEF}\\s*>"
ENTITYDECL = /\s*(?:#{GEDECL})|(?:#{PEDECL})/um


external  [R] 
name  [R] 
ndata  [R] 
pubid  [R] 
ref  [R] 

Public Class methods

Evaluates whether the given string matchs an entity definition, returning true if so, and false otherwise.

Create a new entity. Simple entities can be constructed by passing a name, value to the constructor; this creates a generic, plain entity reference. For anything more complicated, you have to pass a Source to the constructor with the entity definiton, or use the accessor methods. WARNING: There is no validation of entity state except when the entity is read from a stream. If you start poking around with the accessors, you can easily create a non-conformant Entity. The best thing to do is dump the stupid DTDs and use XMLSchema instead.

 e = 'amp', '&' )

Public Instance methods

Returns the value of this entity unprocessed — raw. This is the normalized value; that is, with all %ent; and &ent; entities intact

Returns this entity as a string. See write().

Evaluates to the unnormalized value of this entity; that is, replacing all entities — both %ent; and &ent; entities. This differs from +value()+ in that value only replaces %ent; entities.

Returns the value of this entity. At the moment, only internal entities are processed. If the value contains internal references (IE, %blah;), those are replaced with their values. IE, if the doctype contains:

 <!ENTITY % foo "bar">
 <!ENTITY yada "nanoo %foo; nanoo>


 doctype.entity('yada').value   #-> "nanoo bar nanoo"

Write out a fully formed, correct entity definition (assuming the Entity object itself is valid.)

out:An object implementing <TT>&lt;&lt;<TT> to which the entity will be output
indent:DEPRECATED and ignored