Class REXML::Light::Node
In: temp/light/node.rb
Parent: Object

Represents a tagged XML element. Elements are characterized by having children, attributes, and names, and can themselves be children.


<<   =~   []   []=   children   each   has_name?   local_name   local_name=   name   name=   namespace   namespace=   new   node_type   parent   parent=   prefix   root   size   text=   to_s  


NAMESPLIT = /^(?:(#{XMLTokens::NCNAME_STR}):)?(#{XMLTokens::NCNAME_STR})/u
PARENTS = [ :element, :document, :doctype ]

Public Class methods

Create a new element.

Public Instance methods

Append a child to this element, optionally under a provided namespace. The namespace argument is ignored if the element argument is an Element object. Otherwise, the element argument is a string, the namespace (if provided) is the namespace the element is created in.

Doesn‘t handle namespaces yet