Class REXML::Formatters::Pretty
In: temp/formatters/pretty.rb
Parent: Default

Pretty-prints an XML document. This destroys whitespace in text nodes and will insert carriage returns and indentations.

TODO: Add an option to print attributes on new lines



compact  [RW]  If compact is set to true, then the formatter will attempt to use as little space as possible
width  [RW]  The width of a page. Used for formatting text

Public Class methods

Create a new pretty printer.

output:An object implementing ’<<(String)’, to which the output will be written.
indentation:An integer greater than 0. The indentation of each level will be this number of spaces. If this is < 1, the behavior of this object is undefined. Defaults to 2.
ie_hack:If true, the printer will insert whitespace before closing empty tags, thereby allowing Internet Explorer‘s feeble XML parser to function. Defaults to false.

Protected Instance methods