Esperanto is an artificial language created in the late 1800's, designed to be a language for diplomats. Esperanto is characterized by the relative ease with which it is learned due to a simple ruleset, with no exceptions to the rules. The EOParser is a framework for processing Esperanto.

EOParser is the first step in the creation of an AI. Esperanto, being highly regular, is an excellent candidate for a computer/human interface language. EOParser provides the human->computer link. The neural network and computer->human link will be part of a separate package. In the meantime, EOParser can also function as an Esperanto -> English translator.

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PYX is a document format based on XML; it is, in essence, extra-simple XML. PYX is ideal for grepping and parsing, and for very basic markup. Many XML documents can be converted to and from PYX format without any loss of information. PYX records basic tag structure, attributes, text, and processing instructions.

The files in this distribution provide extremely lightweight parsers, generators, and converters for PYX documents, for Java and Ruby.

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RBTree is an implementation of red-black trees in Ruby. I thought I needed this class, before I realized that Hashes would work much better for what I needed.

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Programmers, in the course of their lives, often create supporting software that is too small to be considered a project of its own. When I create these in Ruby, I call them shards, and I place them in this package. Shards are usually single files containing generically usefull objects which are much too small to package and distribute independantly. They are usually assistant classes that help developers, more than something that would be of use to general users.

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Sitrep is a task manager. It operates on the principle of least

This software is distribute under the Ruby license.

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yesClock is an application based on the Yes watch. The Yes watch uses a novel approach to displaying time, showing where in the day you are rather than just the time. The Yes watch approach, used by this companion yesClock software application for your desktop, is a way of measuring time that is more intuitive and natural than any other.